A Close Study of Feature Writing


As this style of writing is the culmination of a process of investigation by a journalist on an issue (as well the requirements outlined in the criteria of Task 3) we can expect certain important elements to be present in feature writing reporting:

1) careful considered explanation of the issue and problems

2) how it impacts on the community and individuals

3) some background information to the problem

4) reference to several informed sources of information citing the names of interviewees and relevant organisations

5) discussion that reveals differing points of view on the issue to provide a balance

6) use of significant direct quotation from your sources

7) balancing of writer’s analysis with the quotation

8) setting out of quotation can vary somewhat from hard-news reporting style – see examples

9) variation in the length of paragraphs

10) use of rhetorical questions is OK – but don’t overdo it

11) use of poetic devices – e.g. striking imagery and dramatic language – see example

12) a catchy clever headline

13) appropriate structure – with engaging introduction and conclusion that in some clever way uses headline idea or a ‘grab’ from an interviewee or source of information

14) ‘break-up’ the body of the text with a short ‘grab’ from a quotation or other source of information

In the lesson today (Wednesday 15th October) and for homework you will receive two samples of feature writing. Read and analyse each article and respond to the questions in your workbooks.

You will also receive your next summative assignment Task 4 on TV News Scripting and Presentation.

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