Newspaper article formatting and reminder!

Some important points to consider when writing your newspaper articles (whether you have chosen to interview a sitting member of parliament or a community issue for Task 3) is that you clearly format your work in the appropriate style.

Hard news stories contain…

  • Inverted pyramid structure; 5 Ws and H (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How) in lead, other details in descending order of importance
  • Adheres to accepted grammatical conventions
  • Objective, facts-only reporting
  • Purpose is to inform

Feature articles also…

  • Personal writing style
  • Adheres to accepted grammatical conventions
  • Reporting of facts, with interpretations often included; result of extensive research; longer than hard news story
  • Purpose is to inform and explain


Another way to look at what you should prioritise in your article is the inverted pyramid for news writing.



Also just a friendly reminder to remember to hand up your drafts of either your interview with a sitting member of parliament or community investigation today for me to look at otherwise I won’t be able to get them back for you until next term!

Teacher presents for extensions are still not accepted!

Journalism and Digital Writing Boot Camp for Teens at the SA Writers Centre Inc.


Interested in journalism and want something to do during the upcoming school holidays?

Do you have students or teens who are unsure of their future career path? Or have they expressed an interest to work in journalism? Then send them our way!

In the school holidays we’re holding a three day Journalism and Digital Writing Boot Camp for Teens which will help them learn how to effectively break into this industry and to develop quality skills, whilst having a bucket load of fun!

This adventuresome boot camp will include sessions on Creating the Best Blog, How to Interview Like a Journalist, 12 Reasons Why Journalism Will Change Your Life, Writing Reviews, Autobiography plus more!

If you’re interested in attending, click the link for further information.

Please note this event is not compulsory to attend – just thought some students might be interested in the opportunity!

Guest Speaker: Samantha Prendergast


Hope everyone enjoyed the talk on Monday morning with freelance writer Samantha Prendergast.

The article we discussed ‘New Zealanders in Australia: neglected and vulnerable’ can be found in full at The Guardian online by clicking the link.  Here is also the link some of Sam’s collected articles for Frankie magazine.

If you have lost your sheet you can also download a copy by clicking the link below.

Task 6

Look forward to hearing more of your discussions about Samantha’s presentation on Wednesday.