News sources

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s a concise article written for on how to use proper attribution in a news story. It’s very important to credit a source of information when it doesn’t come from your own observations. Most eye-witness accounts make up a consistent part of any news article.

When discussing ‘what is good news/what are the sources of the stories?’ in Task 1, remember to have a re-read of ‘News sources (Chapter 2)’ from Mandy Oakham’s ‘Don’t Bury the Lead’ hand out. The chapter outlines proper interview techniques, cultivating good contacts, tip-offs, press releases as well as how to compile documentary sources of information and source statistics.

The Media Report is a radio program on Radio National that examines the media in our society, talking to key players in the industry as well as looking at contemporary journalism in the digital age. I definitely suggest listening to the recent podcasts on The Australian news framework as well as the plight of imprisoned journalist Peter Greste and the future of Al Jazeera. Thanks to Mr. Strempel for the heads up!


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